Water Come

What do you think this means: water come-a me eye?  Keep the beat as you listen the first time.  Then repeat a second time and sing along, tapping the rhythm of the words Remember to do this many times until you can think the rhythm on your own!  First memorize how the song goes, then you can play the melody on the XYLO app.

In the Caribbean Islands, the steel drum was made from the bottom of a metal barrel to hold oil.  By super-heating the pan and pounding with a hammer, island people learned to make a musical instrument.

Open XYLO app  and hold the tab with your mouse and left click to move to the side.  Then minimize this window so you have two smaller windows and can watch the letters to play the XYLO.  Watch  the  video  in  How  To…  tab.

Open DRUMBIT app  No fair copying this Drumbit of the first two phrases!  Your job as a musician is to figure out how to create the next two phrases of “Come back, Liza, come back girl.  Water come-a me eye.”