Music Videos for Kids

Each section of the orchestra highlights a song you might recognize.  These teenagers arranged songs from movies and shows.  The woodwinds are playing a melody from “The Little Mermaid.” Can you name all the melodies and the instruments playing them?

This folk song from the West African coast means, “Send us your peace, oh yes.”  The song is also found in our music textbooks.  Which students are playing ostinatos?  Which instruments do not play pitches?  Which students are playing the melody?

The beginning of this animated film is silent.  Then Prokofiev’s music “Peter & the Wolf” enters, with each instrument playing a different melody of each character:  Strings for Peter, Low Brass for Wolf, Oboe for Duck, Clarinet for Cat, Flute for Bird, Bassoon for Grandfather, Brass and Percussion for Hunters.  When Peter returns to the village at the end, notice how his melody now includes Brass and Percussion.  Why did the composer combine these instruments at the end?

“Stomp Out Loud” has no speaking, just “found sound”  and body percussion.   Enormous teamwork is required to make their music as precise as a marching band drum-line.  Here is a challenge: What are these performers thinking to be able to remember each rhythm change?